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Storm Damage Repair & Restoration

Riding Out the Storm – Taking Stock of Home Damage

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Storm Damage, Hail, Flood & Fire Damage Repair & Restoration | Restore Group LLC


It’s a good feeling to be safe and cloistered in your home as the Big One blows through. However, high winds, hail, flood, fire and the havoc these create can take its toll on your building, damaging the roof and exposing new weak spots that may not be obvious immediately after the storm.

There’s more to storm damage than tree branches breaking through windows. Some of the effects of rough weather include:

Hail pitting in roofs – These soft spots can not only damage the integrity of your roof, they may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your shingles. This is damage you’re not likely to spot from the ground or without an experienced eye.
Eavestrough and Gutter damage – Storms can pull gutters away from the building, allowing water and hidden debris to build up, unnoticed until it’s too late.
Windows – sometimes it is a branch breaking through the window. With advanced low-e window systems, replacing glass is no longer a do-it-yourself putty knife job.
Damage to siding – Whether you have wood, vinyl or stucco sides, storm damage is not only unsightly, but it’s another break in the defences against the next storm. Any breach can allow even ordinary rains to penetrate and cause damage to the inner structure of your home.

You Need a Specialist

You don’t go to the doctor to have a tooth filled and you don’t take small appliances to your auto mechanic. When storm damage hits your house, you need a restoration specialist. General contractors are great for new construction, but they deal with different circumstances, building from the ground up.

Similarly, you need a roofing contractor experienced in all types of roofing from a restoration standpoint. Consider the sheer number of roofing systems available today:

• Asphalt shingles
• Cedar shakes
• Quarry slate roofing
• Modified and Built-Up Bitumen roofs
• Metal roofing
• Roofing tiles, clay or concrete

A contractor without wind and hail restoration experience can miss the little things that become big problems. Restore Group LLC Roofing + Restoration has been there and done that, helping thousands of home owners assure the integrity of their homes in the aftermath of major storms.

Working with Your Insurance Agent

You may be familiar with the fly-by-night contractor, soliciting work door-to-door because they are “in the neighborhood” after a storm. They will offer to fix your damage for a low cash price that won’t involve an insurance claim. Don’t touch them with a barge pole. These are scam artists out to empty your wallet while doing little, if any, work.

A reputable restoration contractor welcomes working with your claims agent. Your home insurance is there for your peace-of-mind. Restore Group LLC Roofing + Restoration works hard to be an extension of that, preparing a claim report for your adjuster and meeting onsite to discuss damage and restoration work. It’s a cooperative process that provides you with continued comfort and security.

It’s up to you to start the process. Call us today at (877) 617-7663 to discuss your concerns, or fill out our quote form.

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